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Kunice is a village in the Central Bohemia region, 20 kilometres southeeaster from Prague, the capital city of the Czech republic. The way to Prague city center takes 20 minutes by car on motorway D1 (exit 15), which is going nearby the village or 40 minutes by train from Strančice, the village next to Kunice. Between Kunice and Strančice there is a bus line. Kunice has 5 parts – Dolní Lomnice, Horní Lomnice, Kunice, Vidovice, Všešimy. Nowadays has Kunice about 1000 inhabitants and over 400 houndred of cottages for recreation.

Kunice were probably founded in 1350, but the legend in the church of the Saint Mari Magdaleny situated on village square in Kunice says 970. The gotic church as we know nowadays was built during 13th century. On the square we can also find the building built in the year 1900 originaly for elementary school, since 1970 used as the special training centre.

The origin of the name Kunice has two ideas - Kun (horse in czech), because nearby of Kunice was going the business way from Prague to Wien and tradesmen relay their horses there. The second idea says a farmer by name Kuna, who settled there.

Surrounding area is very popular by turists for beautiful nature and hilly scenery and a lot of people is coming every year for trips, recreation or cycling. Area from the city Ricany to the village Hrusice is also called "Laduv kraj" (Lada region). Lada was czech very popular artist, who eternalize the beauty of this region in his work.

In the past, there were founded four places called "Kunice". Three of them you can find in the Czech republic. First is Kunice, Central Bohemia region (15 km southeast from Prague), Kunice, South Moravia (40 km north from Brno) and Kunice in the West Bohemia region, "mountain Doupov", but this village was destroyed in the last century, when army started to use this area as the "army area". The last one is situated in Poland (

Dolni Lomnice

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